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Aug 25, 2009

Donation questions answered

I have had several people asking about making donations to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, so I thought I would post about this and give some info that might be useful.

All monetary donations to the organization need to be made directly to the headquarters in Colorado. This can be done by visiting their WEBSITE or by sending a check to:
The Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation
7201 S. Broadway Suite 150
Littleton, CO 80122

I have also had folks ask me about how they can support the NILMDTS photographers in Utah. There are several great ways that can be done. As a photographer for this organization, we each make a small annual donation of $25 to belong to the Photographers' Forum and to support its maintenance. If you would like to help support a specific photographer (or photographers) in your area, the best way is to pay for their forum membership for a year. They would certainly be grateful! You can specify their names in a small note with your donation.

Also, the photographers with our organization spend their own money on gas to drive to and from the hospitals, blank CD's and DVD's to give to the families with their images and slideshows, and packaging/mailing supplies to send the images to the families that we serve. Another great way to support your local NILMDTS photographers is to give gift cards for local gas stations, blank CD's and DVD's, CD jewel cases and padded mailing envelopes and stamps.

Also, if your church group, family or just yourself are ever looking for a service project to do, NILMDTS is always in need of many handmade and store-bought items, such as:

tiny baby blankets (crocheted, cloth etc.)
tiny baby hats and booties
delicate beaded bracelets (one for Mom and a matching one for Baby)
tiny stuffed animals to photograph with the baby and then give the family as a rememberance
memory boxes (decorated craft boxes) for the family to keep tokens of rememberance in

So if you were wondering about donating, I hope this has given you some good ideas. Please let me know if you have any other questions and if I can help you with anything else. Thank you so much for your support of this amazing organization!

Until next time... Jami

2 Comments.....I Love Comments!:

Andrea said...

Funny that you would post this today as I was literally just thinking about this yesterday!

~Ali~ said...

Hi Jami....you don't know me...but I know people who know you...haha Annie West is my sister in law and am friends with Marissa Vargason. I also volunteer with Utah Share and am thinking about applying for NILMDTS myself. I just have to tell you that being a mother who has lost a baby....what you do is priceless and means more than you will ever know!!! It is people like you who help us grieving parents heal. Keep up the good work!