Thanks for dropping by! My name is Jami, and I'm a photographer located in Utah. This blog (when I remember to update it) is all about my life, my family, and my photography. Please feel free to look around, and if you'd like to leave a comment....well, I'd love that! Also, don't forget to visit my website and become a fan on Facebook.

Have a wonderful day!

~ Jami

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My interest in photography started when I was a teenager, and I remember taking my camera nearly everywhere I went in high school. I got my first SLR (my first "big girl camera") about 8 years ago and have been learning and practicing ever since. Recently as I have watched my children grow, my interest in photography has become a passion. I want to capture every moment, every expression, every memory.

I work primarily with natural light and my style of photography is simple yet artistic. I try to capture natural expressions and true personalities. I love the feel of candid, unposed shots (though I do try to include some casually posed, more formal pictures too) and you will never hear me tell you to "Say Cheese"! Your photo session should be fun and enjoyable, not uncomfortable and stiff.

As much as I love photography and the creativity involved, my number one delight is my family. I am married to an incredible man, whose own talents constantly amaze me. We have 4 beautiful children that challenge, inspire and hug me every day. I lost my Dad in 2008 and miss him every moment of every day, but feel comforted in knowing that I will see him again. When deciding what to name my photography business, he was my inspiration. I can never have too many pictures of his smiling face, and I long for more of life's little moments with him.

Hmmm, what else? I drink too much Cherry Coke, I love anything chocolate, I could (and pretty much do) live in sweats, I love to sing, my favorite color is purple, and I would happily watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes everyday for the rest of my life.

~ Jami