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Feb 24, 2009

My new 50mm lens!

If you haven't read my post on my other blog, please do so. You will be touched and completely amazed by the generosity of an anonymous friend.

So I went out today and played around with this new toy.......

....and got some incredibly cute pictures of "Princess". She was more than willing to pose for me, and I was thrilled with the quality of pictures I was able to get with my new lens.

(don't mind my dirty car....she insisted on posing next to it!)

Thank you again soooooo much to whoever sent me this awesome blessing. I am just still so overwhelmed with gratitude, and just love it so much!

2 Comments.....I Love Comments!:

kimber said...

THANK YOU for the info on the lens!! I think I just have to have it now too!! Your little girl's eyes are just delicious! Thank you for the kind comments on my blog - again - I repeat - you are so good to others, you DESERVE something wonderful to happen to you. Enjoy your new lens!! YAY!

Alvord Photography said...

Your girl is so darn cute. I love that you received the blessings of someone so generous and I know that the will be blessed for their kindness. I know that you have heard this so much but you did really deserve this!!! I hope that you are having so much fun with it and I look forward to your pictures with it in the future. It is one of my favorite lenses.