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Jul 7, 2009

Our family pictures | Utah family photographer

My lovely and very sweet friend Margaret took our family's pictures a couple of weeks ago, and they turned out so cute! I don't even hate the ones with me in them, and that's saying something! :c)

Of course getting a good picture of "Munchkin" is nearly impossible these days since he is constantly on the go, but we were lucky to get a few with him!

I LOVE this one!!! My girls are such cutie patooties!!!!

Awwww!!!! My "Buddha" is such a sweetheart.....and I love that it says "MW" in the background. Perfect for us!

The love of my life! We hardly have any pictures of the 2 of us together, and especially not one where he isn't making a face, so to me this is priceless! :c)

And this is my favorite one of the bunch.......my favorite people, laughing together and loving each other. What could be better?

Thank you again, Meg! It was so fun having you spend the evening with us, and the kids just love you!

Until next time... Jami

7 Comments.....I Love Comments!:

Janae said...

She did a great job! I love the family one where you can see the mountains in the windows. And of course the one of you and your girls!

Janae said...
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Margaret said...

You guys are just too cute! :) Thanks for letting me do your pictures. Your family is so much fun and your kids are so adorable!

Alvord Photography said...

OK, I have already commented on FB and Margarets blog, but really these are so cute! I love the last one!

Sarah Stiles said...

Margaret did a great job! I love E's haircut! She just looks so grown-up:-)

Zobell Fam said...

LOVE it!! We were just at this palce last thursday and I snapped some WAY cute pictures of my kids!! Your pics are GREAT I love em!!

Evette Mendisabal said...

They are great family pictures. You all look fab! Your kids are adorable. I can't get over how big our little ones is getting.