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Mar 22, 2009

Limited number of temple prints available

I've had several requests and inquiries about purchasing a temple print like the one that I offered in the contest on my other blog. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to sell it, but after thinking about it a bit more, I have decided to make 10 prints available for purchase.

They will all be mounted in the same way as the one for the contest (3/4" standard mount, ready to be hung without a frame) and will be available in 3 sizes. The prices are listed below:

8x10: $30
11x14: $50
16x20: $85

I really cannot express enough what a gorgeous print this turned out to be. I mean, how can it not be with such an amazing subject, right??? Let me know if you would like one, and I will get them ordered right away!!!!

1 Comments.....I Love Comments!:

Jen said...

Jami- Temple pics are so beautiful!!! I love the smash the cake session too! I wish I would have done that when my kids were babies!