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Oct 27, 2008

Fife family | Utah family photographer

This family is super fun and cute, and I just love the 2 little guys, "A and A". So sweet!

I am just loving this weather, as it makes for such gorgeous pictures. And this location was perfect for this fun, down-to-earth family.

So here are my favorites, but there's more on my Flickr page. And just wait 'til you get to the end of this post.....my 2 favorite of all!

2008 10 18_0058

2008 10 18_0138

2008 10 18_0083

2008 10 18_0022

2008 10 18_0031_hazy

2008 10 18_0101

2008 10 18_0104


2008 10 18_0215

2008 10 18_0121_hazy

2008 10 18_0157

2008 10 18_0179

2008 10 18_0182

2008 10 18_0198

2008 10 18_0230

2008 10 18_0275

So here are my 2 faves. I want to blow this 1st one up HUGE!!! Ok, maybe I won't since that might be weird to hang someone else's picture in my house, but this picture just screams "huge canvas print" to me!

2008 10 18_0102

And the color and the cute kiddo on this one....... I just want to eat him up!

2008 10 18_0281

Thanks for such a fun time!!! I hope you enjoy them.

2 Comments.....I Love Comments!:

Andrea said...

Love them, love them, love them! Okay, so my favorites... oh there's way too many. I do love the one you think should be a huge canvas print. Maybe in my house, though, not yours. :) I LOVE the one of 'a' (little a) and me looking up. I love the one of Kirk & I laughing. I love the one of me behind Kirk. I love Adam chillin' in front of the door. Great job girl! And thanks a million.

Sheri said...

You are amazing. I enjoy your photos more and more. I am looking forward to you taking some of my little guy and possibly my family. I probably better hurry and schedule a time with you I am sure you are getting booked with the amazing job you do!