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Sep 16, 2008

"X" @ 18 months | Utah childrens photographer

One comment I hear all the time is, "Why don't you show more pictures of "X" on your blog"? Well, the answer is simple...he hardly ever sits still long enough to get many shots of him! (or else he's naked...see my post on Milk and Cookies for Lunch)

But yesterday I decided to try for another garage shoot, in honor of him turning 18 months old (next week). It took awhile, and lots of patience, but I think I finally got that "money shot" I was going for (and a few cute "outtakes" on the way)!

Oh, and I used a different processing on these ones to try and soften them a bit and give them a different feel....what do you think? You can see the regular color and the black & white versions on my Flickr page (see link on the right side of this blog). Enjoy!







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drama mama said...

I love the soft look! And I loved your post on M&C. LOL It's hard to get mad at them when they're so dang cute!